its true

by pessoa

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released January 21, 2009



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pessoa Indiana

we're from INDIANA and we love to play whatever the fuck we want, whenever the fuck we want to. we've been doing this for a few years now and don't plan on stopping any time soon. we get a lot of help from the people we love. if you want to hang out, come to one of our shows. if you want to get rad, get rad. ... more

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Track Name: swing our legs
swing our legs over the sides and to the floor
or watch the sun come up and into this room
to move across the walls and over our heads
while we hide in the sheets, and we don't speak
of "where have you been?
and we don't sleep so well anymore."
we just tell ourselves to leave alone.

if i said, "this is how things will be
in the morning," would you leave?
well, this is how things well be.
Track Name: nine weeks, give or take
you know i've been trying to reach you
for months now, months on end
(nine weeks, give or take)
and if you think, that you've been wrong
just say something else, please
just say, "always".

i'm sorry if i ever acted like
i didn't want to hear
Track Name: forgetting
it's been long enough without you
to know that we are doing just fine alone,
because we are doing just fine alone.
and never forget that you knew right from wrong
so long before you were found.
and i am lost now...

(you knew right from wrong
so long before you were found)
Track Name: room for breathing
i heard a dying sound
when i walked into the room
and your breath was shallower than mine.
i could not tell if you were only sleeping
because we're not used to dying around here.

so sing, lark, sing of signs that i know, please
oh please.
or i will keep you here, pinned to the wall
wings splayed, so i can say we are safe,
and know that we are not.
Track Name: letters
how far are you reading into this?
are you reading into this?
because these words are all i have
and i know its hard to write what you mean.
i know...
Track Name: screaming match
i don't know what to say anymore.
screaming back and forth
that "i'm not doing this for you."
i swear i'm not