do you have great strength?

by pessoa

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    our sophomore EP, recorded with great help from Jordan King at Voltaic Studios in Zionsville, IN in the early summer months of 2010. album art drawn up by Matt Zopfi, for which we owe him many hugs.




released July 10, 2010



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pessoa Indiana

we're from INDIANA and we love to play whatever the fuck we want, whenever the fuck we want to. we've been doing this for a few years now and don't plan on stopping any time soon. we get a lot of help from the people we love. if you want to hang out, come to one of our shows. if you want to get rad, get rad. ... more

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Track Name: the coming up right
its easier than they say to stay the same, to never change (and we were also young). its harder than it sounds. to tell the truth, its harder than it sounds, and we still smoke too much when we shake like this. we just can't keep warm - its like they have all the wrong seasons here. winter came and we slept half this year away, because its easier than they say and its harder than it sounds, the coming-up-right, the being-better-suited-for...
Track Name: slower, still
you're talking too fast now and you sound so sincere, like you believe it or maybe you heard somewhere that there's a difference between nothing and everything. well, we're still coming around to the idea that maybe you know nothing about nothing, and nothing on end, and it never ends. HEY! Adrian, i don't think we'll win this one, tonight. hey, Adrian, talk slow (hey) and get some sleep. i think you've had enough to drink, tonight
Track Name: wellohwell
if this is how it starts, we hope it never ends. you know we learn like this: we just keep fucking this up in the worst way and nothing ever turns out right anymore. we're still soooo unconcerned (well, oh well, oh well), singing out loud how we care in small amounts. so lets fuck this one up again because its easy to be brave when you have friends, but sometimes we feel like giving up, like somethings wrong with us - i always thought we'd be fine to stand up straight and speak more... do you feel like giving up, yet? sometimes, we do
Track Name: ...
Track Name: old kicks/new moves
they rub our heels raw, all faded colors and straining to hide how we have grown. we could wear skates from now on and never move so slow again, as we're moving now, because it aches with every step we take. oh, it does. it does, and we're so tired. we're so tired of walking around complaining of how this used to feel like new
Track Name: (hands and feet) and everyone
we've never been afraid of death or anything else, and we move too fast to stop or get caught up, all of us and everyone. all together, we make a loud noise when we say that we want the same thing and it holds us up, all of us - so why are you dragging your feet around and hanging your head in our town? well, we have plans for you: just open your hands, now, and pick your feet up from the ground, and forget everything and everyone that you know. and all of us and everyone will be lighter than air, with no one holding us there. and we will never be afraid of death